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Guiding You to Financial Freedom

Retiring Comfortably

Relying on your nest egg - is it enough to balance obligations to finance education, care for elderly parents, and pay for healthcare, all while supporting the retirement lifestyle that you envisioned ? Millions of Americans struggle to ensure that they have enough income to last them through their retirement years.  We explain your options and create a strategy designed to instill confidence in your ability to retire comfortably.

Are you ready to retire?  We mean really ready - financially ready?  For many people, feeling financially secure is the ultimate challenge of retirement.  As you near retirement, it is important to figure out what it is that you hope, want, and plan to do as you transition into this new phase of your life.  This may include goals such as traveling, buying a vacation home, volunteering, or spending more time with your family.  Keeping those goals in mind, we will work together to estimate your anticipated expenses, identify income sources, diversify your investments, and determine an appropriate withdrawal strategy.  Our objective is to develop a retirement income strategy that will provide a continuous stream income throughout your retirement.

Thoughtful planning for a life well lived

The legacy that you leave is important to you and your loved ones.  Many of our clients share similar goals - they want to provide for future generations and support the causes that are important to them.  Take advantage of our experience and our knowledge to create a plan to focus on what matters most: your values, final wishes, most prized personal possessions, and financial assets.  At Warner Financial, we are committed to working with you, with your tax advisor, and with your attorney to help carry out your wishes in the most effective and efficient manner possible.