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Guiding You to Financial Freedom

Building a Financial Foundation

Just starting - an individual comes to us with a recent salary increase, a marriage on the horizon, and a great business opportunity - but doesn't know where to begin to evaluate a prudent path to building a strong financial foundation and security.  We will help establish a financial plan that provides detailed action steps, we will always consider what does truly important to the individual, and we will adapt to change along the way.  There are many decisions ahead for someone just starting out, and there is not only one set path forward.

How do you begin?  The most important aspect of wealth planning is protecting what you value - the lifestyle that you enjoy today and anticipate for tomorrow, your children's education, the ongoing strength of your business, where and how you will live in retirement, and the legacy that you will ultimately leave.  Are you prepared for unexpected expense or a change in income?  Is your savings account in line with your goals - like buying a home, going on vacation, or sending the kids to summer camp?

Experience has taught us that the following factors are critical to achieving wealth:

  • the number of years that an individual has been consistently saving and investing,
  • the amount saved, 
  • the asset allocation of their portfolio.

At Warner Financial, we work with you to develop a financial plan that will serve as your guide to Accomplishing Goals.